About Holley

Profile picHolley’s training in allopathic medicine (Bachelor of Nursing) and complementary medicine (Herbalism) has helped her to integrate the best of the scientific and traditional approaches to medicine.

She feels it is important to have one foot in each paradigm – western medicine saves lives, but it also leaves too many people with only half of what they need to reach true and lasting health.

A Strong History in Health

Holley draws upon her nursing skills to help determine whether someone’s health challenge can be dealt with effectively with herbs or if it has progressed to the point where medical intervention is necessary.

Her passion is to educate and inspire people to:

  • Integrate herbs in to everyday life for health and enjoyment
  • Utilise herbs as preventative, cost-effective and supportive medicines
  • Recognise the importance of the natural world and why we need to preserve it
  • By being positive role models and educating children