Herbal Teas now available at HolleyOak!

Some consider herbals teas as just another hot drink to have instead of black tea or coffee, I like to think of them more as magic potions that can soothe sore throats, alleviate headaches or calm and nourish your nerves after a stressful day. Teas to help heal the heart, warm you up in winter and cool you down in summer….and all you have to do is add boiling water!

Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years for medicine and healing purposes alike and have a tasty assortment of flavours – some delicious and some not so palatable.

How Medicinal Teas Heal

Herbs have many healing properties which when steeped in boiling water, the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots release their beneficial components. These magical compounds are well known to help with digestive issues, relieving stress and helping with sleep, colds and flu, skin problems, women’s health and even act as aphrodisiacs.

Making your own medicinal tea as a drink is quick, cost effective and easy to do.  They are pleasant tasting, easy on the digestive system and many are safe for children, pregnant women and even your beloved family pet.

Decoctions and Infusions

Decoction and infusions are 2 variations of teas;

Decoctions are often made from the tougher parts of the plant, such as the bark, roots, twigs, seeds or berries.  This is usually done by simmering the tough parts in boiling water for a certain period of time.

Infusions are made with the softer leaves, flowers and ariel parts of the plant.  Boiled water is poured over the herbs, often in a large glass jar, and then steeped from 30 mins to overnight.

Herbal Infusions for You

At HolleyOak we use a variety of different dried herbs specifically blended for each individual person to produce a particular healing effect (liquid herbs are available too and are also utilised in this way).

We believe it’s important to use the best quality teas from locally sourced growers. We always source organic or spray free where possible as most commercially grown teas are laden with herbicides and pesticides which you are then ingesting instead of the healing goodness.